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Are you losing listings due to other agents inflating values?  Does your client insist on listing their home too high?
Would you like to impress a client to secure their listing?  Or would you just like a second opinion of value?

Meridian Valuation is offering any Illinois licensed sales agent or broker a full property appraisal at up to a 50% discount for any properties located in Lake and Northwest Cook counties in Illinois.  All other areas are available at a slightly higher rate.

Based on the type of property, and at your discretion, the homeowner will or will not be contacted about the appraisal. And as always, all appraisals are completed by a Licensed Illinois Appraiser.

As described below, there are two pricing options for this very special offer.  The Limited Appraisal option is recommended for subdivision or tract homes with standard features and a typical lot. The homeowner may be contacted based on your discretion.

The Full Appraisal option is for homes with additions, unique features, significant upgrades that are atypical to the market, odd shape or size lot or a lot location that is inferior or superior. The homeowner will be contacted directly to schedule a full inspection. As always, value is never discussed with the homeowner. If you are unsure which option is best for you please call for a free consultation. Call us locally at 847-726-6033 to discuss your property. Our staff consists of Illinois Certified Appraisers who have appraisal experience in virtually every community and neighborhood in all Northeastern Illinois counties.

We are proud of the relationships that we've built with our customers over the years, and we believe it’s these relationships that allow us to provide the very best service possible.

Please call our office today at 847-726-6033 to talk to our staff about your immediate and long-term real estate appraisal needs.

Limited Appraisal: $149

Exterior inspection only. Assumptions to the interior of the home will be made based on the exterior inspection and discussion with the agent/broker and/or the homeowner. The exterior inspection of the property will include:

  • Current front and street view photographs
  • Front view photograph of the three best comparable properties (current or MLS photos)
  • Comparable adjustments based upon public records
  • Location map showing the subject property and all comparables with their respective distances
  • An addendum section explaining adjustments to comparables, neighborhood sales statistics(if appropriate) and discussions that lead to the property's final appraised value
  • The property's final value
  • Discussion and impact of other listings, if appropriate

Full Appraisal: $249

Exterior and interior inspection of the property will including all items included with the Limited Appraisal plus:

  • Back view photographs and interior photographs
  • Appraiser' actual measurements of the subject property
  • Full diagram of subject property's floorplan showing room layout and interior walls