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Welcome Lenders and AMCs

Meridian Valuation prides itself on offering "best in class" customer service.  We do the little things that make your job easier and more efficient.  Things like quick order acknowledgement, prompt contact with homeowners and timely report completion.

Additionally, our office is staffed during regular business hours so you never have to wait to get a question answered or a quick change made leading up to your closing.  We ask you to try us, and see the difference that great "service" can make!

These are the typical steps an appraisal order goes through at Meridian Valuation:

  • Each new order is acknowledge by us within hours of receipt.
  • Homeowner is contacted immediately to schedule inspection appointment.
  • Lender or Loan Specialist is notified by email regarding the scheduled appointment.
  • Subject is inspected and the final report is typically completed and delivered within 24-48 hours.

In addition to the services and features described above, Meridian Valuation offers free to qualified clients our proprietary web-based ValuePorte™ system.

ValuePorte™ is a secure online dashboard and portal offering many additional features including easy order entry, real-time order status, special notes and web access to finished reports.

ValuePorte™ is another helpful tool aimed at increasing the level of communication and efficiency between Lender and Appraiser.

ValuePorte™ will be available online starting the Spring of 2020.

Coverage Map
This map defines our Primary and Secondary coverage regions in Northern Illinois.  Appraisal assignments located in the Secondary region are accepted based an appraiser availability and are decided on a case by case basis.   Please feel free to call us if you have a property located in the Secondary region.
Current Retail Appraisal Fees
These are our current fees for the most requested types of appraisals and forms.  A $50 surcharge may apply to the secondary coverage area.  Reduced contract rates are available.  This fee schedule is current as of 8/1/2022, and is subject to change without notice.
Homeowner/Attorney AppraisalsFee
GPAR - General Purpose Appraisal Report (less than 3500 GLA)$350
GPAR - General Purpose Appraisal Report (greater than 3500 GLA)call

Lender Appraisals - Fannie Mae/Freddie MacFee
1004 - SFR (less than 350 GLA)$300
1073 - Condominium (less than 3500 GLA)$300
1004 - SFR (greater than 3500 GLA, less than 4500 GLA)$375
1073 - Condominium(greater than 3500 GLA, less than 4500 GLA)$375
1004 - SFR (greater than 4500 GLA)quote
1073 - Condominium(greater than 4500 GLA)quote
1004 or 1073 FHA$350
2055 - Exterior Only$250
1007 - Rent Schedule$50
216 - Operating Income Statement$50
REO - Real Estate Owned$50
1004D - Final Inspection$100
FHA Compliance Inspection$100
ERC - Employee Relocation$450
Vacant Land$300
1025 - 2-3 Unit Small Income$450
1025 - 4-5 Unit Small Income$500
1025 FHA - 2-3 Unit Small Income$500
1025 FHA - 4-5 Unit Small Income$550
RUSH fee**$50
NO SHOW or TRIP fee***$100
Inspection fee (no report): 50% of full fee - $150 minimum
2000/2006 - Field Review$250
2000/2006 - Desk Review$150
** a RUSH fee applies in any of the following situations:
  1. an inspection is required the same day the order was placed, Monday-Friday
  2. an order placed on Friday must be inspected the following Saturday or Sunday
  3. an inspection and report are due within 24 hours of placing an order
*** a NO SHOW fee only applies when the homeowner or client did not contact the appraiser or Meridian Valuation about cancellation within 2 hours of the agreed appointment time.